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The Legal Tools You Need To Build a Successful Business

Sorry to say this BUT, you’re doing this all WRONG.

 Working with clients and customers using patchwork contracts or worst, email deals.

You know the ones where you sketch out the details over Gmail or DMs. Or those free bare bones internet contracts. Yikes!

If you think investing in contracts and legal protection is expensive, the alternative is worst.

Imagine being held liable because you have the wrong business structure.

 Imagine someone stealing your content and selling it as their own.

Imagine being sued for not having the right contract terms in place.

Imagine chasing down clients for payments.

Doesn't matter if you're just starting out or feel it's too early to invest in legal.

You are liable for your business actions whether you make $200/mo or $20,000/mo.

Liability doesn’t disappear because you think you’re not ready or big enough.

Legal at Your Fingertips!

Use the perfect legal reference for busy entrepreneurs. Get fill-in-the-blank contract templates, easy to follow informational videos plus legal guides and checklists at your fingertips.

Minimize Your Risks

Avoid the huge risks of piecing together legal documents or using none at all.

Protect Yourself

Protect your personal assets from lawsuits with the right legal structure and documents.

Save Time and $$$

Stop sacrificing time and money with sketchy legal work and law according to Google.

Gain Confidence

Work with a confidence that clients appreciate in a professionally run business.



15 Legal Templates 

(Fill in the Blank…Save literally thousands)

Client Agreement

Website Terms

Privacy Policy

(GDPR, California, etc.)

Website Disclaimers

(7 disclaimers: general, medical, earnings,  affiliates, no guarantees and more!)

Independent Contractor Agreement 

(for *hiring*)

LLC Operating Agreement


(1 mutual, 1 unilateral)

Testimonial Release 

Payment Demand Letter and more!

Coaching/Course Creator Suite

(Coaching Agreement, Course Terms of Use & Membership Terms of Use)



26 Legal Videos 

10 Video Contract Walkthroughs

Learn exactly how to quickly fill out your legal templates AND what each clause means.

16 Informational Legal Videos

The attorney-founder discusses business legal topics that tell you exactly how to:

✅Start a business

(LLC vs S-Corp, Forming an LLC, Using Contracts, Website Terms, etc.)

**New! Corporate Transparency Act (overview + deadlines for LLCs)

📰Manage business relationships

(separating business from personal, hiring help, collecting debt, etc.)

💪🏾Protect your business IP

(how to use copyright, trademark, preventing and responding to content theft)

These are gold!



Instructions + Discount

15 Quick Tip Instruction Pages

(one for each legal template)

Great for when you need to quickly fill in an agreement and go!

Legal Store Discount

All LGC Members receive a 1x special, very generous discount to Legal Goodness!



5 Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Online Business Guide for Solopreneurs

This is a great guide for business owners especially those doing business online. Get an overview of what steps to take legally to operate your business in our fast changing digital world.

Bonus #2: Trademark FAQ Guide

Ready to Protect with Trademark? Use this awesome mini guide to get an overview of the trademark registration process with a handy checklist to get you started.

Bonus #3: Protect Your Brand: 5 Ways to Prevent Stolen Content

Learn simple steps to protect your content today! Get an overview of preventing theft with do-it-yourself solutions.

Bonus #4: How to Search a Brand Name in 5 Steps (Cheat Sheet)

Avoid Trademark Traps with this search technique using this 1-page cheat sheet for easy reference.

Bonus #5: Copyright Notice template

Use this to warn copycats that copying, sharing and selling your content without your permission is not allowed and against federal law.

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"I absolutely love her; she is awesome at creating all sorts of contracts for all types of businesses. She does it with passion. She's always looking at how she can make our businesses better legally."

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 15 Legal Templates

✔ 10 Contract Walkthroughs

 16 Informational Legal Videos

 15 Quick Tip Instruction Pages

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Meet the Creator

Hey There! I'm Tene, the attorney-founder of Legal Goodness, which is home to a contract template store and Legally Good ClubFor over 15 years my legal career has focused on business law, contract drafting, negotiation and intellectual property.

My corporate experience ranges from network TV, cable companies and record labels to the water utilities industry. I’ve worked in law firm settings too and small business clients have always been my favorite. 

You may not be ready to hire an attorney. And, not everyone can afford attorney fees. Or perhaps you just want to get the simpler legal tasks done yourself.

I created Legally Good Club to make the legal process more simplified and accessible. This is not a law firm, nor a replacement for an attorney, but LGC will get you off to a great legal start.

And when I’m not creating legal goodness, I’m home with my husband and children. I may be trying a new gluten free baking recipe. Your girl makes a mean gluten free lemon pound cake!

Come hang out with me and the other members inside Legally Good Club. Can’t wait to see you in there!


No Time to Wait!

YOU'RE READY for an amazing collection of legal templates, videos, guides and community all created to support you on in your business journey.

IT’s TIME to get organized and focused when it comes to the legal side of business.

NO MORE sketchy deal arrangements, lack of structure and open exposure to legal risks.

ENJOY having a legal foundation to start, manage and protect your business.

Let's Do This!

Jodi M. Savage, Attorney & Author

"I've never met anyone more passionate about contracts than Tene. Her contracts reassure me that they'll meet my needs, because they combine her sharp writing, business acumen, and legal expertise."

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 15 Legal Templates

 10 Contract Walkthroughs

 16 Informational Legal Videos

 15 Quick Tip Instruction Pages

 Save $200!


1 year access to Legally Good Club

 Immediate Access

 Need a Payment Plan? 

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(up to 12 months available)

❌LGC is Not for Sale to Attorneys
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Are You Ready to Transform the Way You Do Business?

No more just getting by. Seriously, it’s just not work the risk.

You’re going to have the face the legal stuff sooner or later. Just one mistake can cost you BIG time.

Take charge now or risk losing what you’ve worked for if a problem arises.

I should say, WHEN they arise

LGC is truly a steal and this price WILL rise.

So come on into LGC. Everything you need to get started is waiting for you to take control and set you up for success!

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