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Why??? Because...

~You work with clients, sell services and you want to be covered legally.

~You need solid contracts and website polices to work with clients and sell to customers.

~You sell digital products to loyal customers but don't want to be ripped off by copycats in the process.

~You don't want to continue operating without protection leaving your assets vulnerable to lawsuits.


In just 60 mins, you'll learn...

- 3 areas you should concentrate on NOW to get your business protected quickly.

~Which terms and policies can immediately add protection to your biz and limit your liability on the spot.

~Why managing business relationships with clients, customers and associates is critically important and HOW to do it.

- Why my signature contract template and video bundle, Legally Good Club, makes the process simple.

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Legally Good Club is for business owners looking to protect their profit.

Even if you're just starting out, you know that legal protection is crucial to success.

In Protect Your Profit you'll learn how to structure your business for success, limit your liability and strengthen your business relationships.

Learn how to prevent costly legal issues, being left out in the cold after the other party doesn't do their part and preventing false expectations with customers.

And I show you how Legally Good Club helps you do it all. 

Join me for Protect Your Profit: Get Legal Now

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Meet the Attorney

Hey There! I'm Tene, the attorney-founder of Legally Good Club.

For over 14 years my career has focused on business law, contract drafting, and intellectual property. My corporate experience ranges from entertainment/media companies to the utilities industry.

I’m currently focused on small business owners and the many new female entrepreneurs who are swiftly growing their online business presence.

You may not be ready to hire an attorney.

Or perhaps you just want to get the simpler legal tasks done yourself.

Either way I have the tools for you to start, manage and protect your business legally!

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