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Protect Your Business Legally

Learn the three different areas you need to:

  • Protect Yourself

    Separate your personal assets from lawsuits with the right legal structure and documents.

  • Minimize Your Risks

    Avoid the huge risks of piecing together legal documents or using none at all.

  • Save Time and $$$

    Stop sacrificing time and money with sketchy legal work and law according to Google.

  • Gain Confidence

    Work with a confidence that clients appreciate in a professionally run business.


Legally Good Club 

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It's time to let legal work *for* you instead of against you.

Don't let someone else get there first. Arm your business with legal protection so you're in control. LGC contains:

  • 15 attorney-drafted (fill-in-the-blanks) contracts & templates for your business
  • Website Terms, Policies & disclaimers for your website
  • Protect your Content! Learn what to do if someone steals your IP.
  • Informational videos, guides, checklists, contract walkthroughs and more!
  • 5 Bonuses!

If you're interested in some do-it-yourself legal to save time and money, this is for you!

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Legally Good Club Is For You because...

  • You work with clients, customers and contractors and you want to be covered legally.
  • You need solid contracts and website polices to sell your products and services.
  • You sell digital products to loyal customers but don't want to be ripped off by copycats in the process.
  • You don't want to continue operating without protection leaving your assets vulnerable to lawsuits.
  • You're tired of piecing together legal trying to get by with no direction!


Hey There! I'm the attorney-founder of Legal Goodness, which is home to a contract template store and my membership, Legally Good ClubFor over 15 years my legal career has focused on business law, contract drafting, negotiation and intellectual property.

My experience ranges from network and cable TV, the water utilities industry, corporate legal departments and law firm settings. But small business clients have always been my favorite. 

You may not be ready to hire an attorney. And, not everyone can afford attorney fees. Or perhaps you just want to get the simpler legal tasks done yourself.

I created Legally Good Club to make the legal process more simplified and accessible. This is not a law firm, nor a replacement for an attorney, but LGC will get you off to a great legal start.

And when I’m not creating legal goodness products, I’m home with my husband and children. I may be trying a new gluten free baking recipe. Your girl makes a mean lemon pound cake!

Come hang out with me and the other members inside Legally Good Club. Can’t wait to see you in there!

Legally Good Club

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  15 Legal Templates

 10 Contract Walkthroughs

 16 Informational Legal Videos

 15 Quick Tip Instruction Pages

 SAVE $300!


 1 year access to Legally Good Club

 Access 5 modules, other 2 unlock in 14 days

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❌LGC is Not for Sale to Attorneys

Join the Waitlist!

Be the *first* to get access to  Legally Good Club when it reopens  June 12th so you can join!